Our Executive Committee

These members make up the Speak With Style Toastmasters Executive Committee. They serve for six month terms and are responsible for the long-term leadership of the club.


Jean-Marie Tela

The chief executive officer for the club.


Sohaib Rihane

Takes the minutes of the Executive Committee meetings.

VP Education

Fanny Balestrat

Responsible for planning, organizing and directing a club program which meets the educational needs of all members.

VP Membership

Sohaib Rihane

In charge of recruiting new members.

VP Public Relations

Geoff Brown

Responsible for the club’s events and public perception.


Shiellah Quintos

Responsible for the club’s finances.

VP Mentorship

Léa Kassab

Responsible for the morale and engagement of new members.


Supreet Singh

Responsible for the condition of our room and supplies.