Is Toastmasters For Me?

This page will help you decide if Toastmasters is a good fit for you, and will address any concerns you might have about attending for the first time.

Toastmasters is dedicated to helping everyone improve their public speaking and leadership skills. For many of us, the idea of speaking in front of a crowd brings anxiety and self-doubt. But the good news is that we are here to help you overcome the fear of public speaking, and we create a welcoming and supportive atmosphere to make this challenge as easy as possible.

Speak With Style Toastmasters is for anyone who wants to become a great public speaker, for anyone who just wants to overcome the fear of public speaking, or for anyone who wants to practice their English speaking skills. All you need is the desire to improve yourself, and the right attitude to contribute to the friendly and supportive environment that we create.

How much do I need to speak?

As a guest, when you visit us for the first few times, we only ask you to give a brief introduction at tyhe beginning and comments at the end of the meeting. We ask you to speak for a few seconds, and you speak from where you are seated without taking the stage. We never force anyone to speak, so you can sit back and enjoy the show without worrying that you will need to stand in front of a crowd.

Once you join as a member, you have the option to deliver prepared and improvised speeches, and to take on roles in facilitating the meeting. We encourage our members to challenge themselves, but you are free to decide what you do, and how often you deliver speeches or take on roles.

What if I am not good at public speaking?

Toastmasters is not a competitive league. There is no minimal standard or expectation about your abilities. We are here to help everyone improve and we accept everyone. You only need to have a positive attitude, a desire to improve, and a willingness to contribute to the supportive environment that we create.

How do you ensure that I will have a good experience?

At every meeting there are several members who take responsibility for the guests’ experience. There will be a member to welcome guests on arrival, and help you find a seat. The meeting will be facilitated by a Chairperson, and other key members who ensure that our meetings have a fun and enjoyable atmosphere.

Visiting Toastmasters is the first step towards becoming a better public speaker, and we fulfill the Toastmasters mission by having great meetings that will make you want to come back again and join us on the journey of improving ourselves.

Who can I speak to if I have concerns?

You can contact us right now by email or messenger. If you have any concerns during the meeting you can bring them up during the break or after the meeting has closed. You can speak to the Chairperson who runs the meeting, or ask to speak to the club President, or VP Public Relations.

What’s the vibe at Speak With Style Toastmasters?

We are a fun, friendly and welcoming club. Where Toastmasters has a reputation for being formal and procedural, we take pride in having creative meeting themes, and creating an atmosphere that feels casual and informal. And we organize lots of parties and social events!